Supplier help

We have a number of downloadble guides below.

Provider Portal – Support Package Enquiries

How do I view and respond to this enquiry?

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Provider Portal - Information Requests

Information Requests allow a prospective Buyer to find out more information or ask specific questions about a specific service that they have found on the shop4support / Connect to Support site.

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Service Provider Desk Aid

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A service provider’s guide to processing purchase orders

Budget managers are able to create a purchase order or a schedule order using shop4support’s Budget Manager. The budget manager will select the type of order which is most appropriate to their client’s needs.

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A service provider’s guide to creating delivery notes

You, the service provider, are responsible for creating the delivery note for a specific order. To create a delivery note please follow the instructions below.

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A supplier’s guide to payments

Confirming receipt of individual payments

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A supplier’s guide to processing credit notes

You can use Budget Manager to create credit notes against an invoice.

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